The Rise and Fall of Annie Hall
Goldman Theater, Washington D.C.
(800) 494-8497

Sam Forman’s new play recalls Woody Allen’s “golden age,” said The Washington Post. This tale of a young playwright contributing to a musical version of Annie Hall pays fittingly witty homage to “the man who first made neurotic self-absorption a turn-on.”

The Housewives of Mannheim
Lumia Theater, Long Branch, N.J.
(732) 229-3166

“Four Brooklyn women on the home front” during World War II form bonds of friendship in Alan Brody’s wonderful new play, said Variety. What begins as a “kitchen-sink comedy” develops into “a keenly constructed and beautifully acted romantic drama.”

Ain’t Misbehavin’
Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles
(213) 628-2772

This revival of Richard Maltby Jr. and Murray Horowitz’s homage to jazz great Fats Waller brims with “low-key confidence,” said the Los Angeles Times. A capable cast makes the show seem “like an intoxicating combination of a dry martini and a dirty joke.”