“Carla Bruni's steamy past could be coming back to haunt her,” said Eloise Parker in the New York Daily News. “Compromising photographs” of the French First Lady with her ex-lover Raphaël Enthoven have been reported stolen from a Paris apartment. These “X-rated images” could be sold for “hundreds of thousands of dollars on the black market,” and could easily “end up on the Internet.”

You think? said Right Celebrity. Nothing else in the apartment was stolen, so it seems pretty obvious that “the thieves were only after” the images, comprising hundreds of photos, videos, and computer files. It also makes you wonder if “a sex tape of some sort might be a part of the stolen collection of items.”

Maybe so, said Claudine Valy in Infos Jeunes. But “everybody has already seen Carla Bruni naked”—nude photos from her modeling days have been well circulated online—so it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. If there were nude photos of Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba headed our way, now that would be worth getting excited about.