Fantasies is just the comeback Metric needed, said Jim DeRogatis in the Chicago Sun-Times. It’s been four years since the Toronto band released Live It Out, the indie popsters’ none-too-fruitful attempt at hard, guitar-driven rock. With its “buzzing electro-pop energy,” Fantasies is a “welcome reminder” of Metric’s original glossy, new wave charms.

Credit goes to Emily Haines, “the baby-voiced heart and soul of the band,” said Rebecca Raber in Pitchforkmedia.com. While James Shaw’s “nuanced guitars” add to the synthesizers once again at the forefront of Metric’s sound, Haines’ dream-like imagery and seductive coo steal the show. On the propulsive opener “Help, I’m Alive,” she moans “If I stumble, they’re gonna eat me alive / Can you hear my heart beating like a hammer?” before owning up to her actions. Haines brings to Fantasies the “newfound vulnerability and gravitas she explored on her solo work,” and the album is better for it.