The future sounds an awful lot like the past on The Future Will Come, said Matt Diehl in Blackbook. The year is 1981, Human League plays on the radio, and John MacLean, otherwise known as The Juan MacLean, captures the moment in all its “punk-funk,” synthesizer-infused glory. With MacLean playing the part of the Human League’s Phil Oakey and DFA label mate Nancy Whang in the role of the band’s Susan Ann Sulley, the two create a “masterful pastiche” of ’80s pop euphoria, said Hugh Montgomery in the London Observer. “From funk to Italo-disco,” styles are remixed for the modern dance floor. “Shimmery synths meet disembodied boy-girl vocals” on the cascading “One Day.” With effervescent vocals and pulse-raising piano, “Happy House” has a downtown New York electro-disco feel, said Colin Buttimer in BBC.com. The Future Will Come “may start as an unashamed homage,” but ultimately comes into its own.