(Team Love)


“Death and disaster” hang over the Felice Brothers’ latest album, said Jon Pareles in The New York Times. That’s no surprise. On its 2006 debut, this foot-stomping, folk band churned out old-timey “story songs about drinking, drugs, heartache, and firearms, with hints of a Christian search for faith.”

Drifters from upstate New York, the Felice Brothers stick to their guns on Yonder Is the Clock, and conjure up more tales of Americana that bridge the gap between country and rock, hillbilly and hipster, said Andrew Leahey in All Music Guide. From the “ramshackle country” of “Run Chicken Run” to the sweet twang of “Coopers­town,” this album is an “effortless piece of Catskills folk and narrative know-how,” and a telling indication of just how quickly a band can evolve.

Songs about “desperate times” have never sounded so good, said Steven Hyden in The Onion. With the Felice Brothers around, “maybe reliving the Great Depression won’t be so bad after all.”