The Soloist is “an emotional, transportive movie,” said Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel. Based on a true story and starring Jamie Foxx as a homeless, mentally ill violin virtuoso and Robert Downey Jr. as the Los Angeles Times reporter shadowing him for a story, The Soloist features “marvelous work all around.” (watch the trailer for The Soloist)

It actually “strikes the same humane chords as Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King,” said Joshua Rothkopf in Time Out New York, and “the tears” that The Soloist “elicits are earned.” But there’s also “an element of fantastic fate that’s discordant,” and both Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx are capable of better performances.

The Soloist was “an artistic failure from conception,” said Armond White in the New York Press, and director Joe Wright’s “torrent of self-righteousness” is “equal to the frequently referenced Hurricane Katrina.” This movie is all “about the middle class feeling better about itself," and it’s “even more reprehensible because it combines patronizing social fantasy with a distortion of real-life facts.”

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