“What the hell is going on with Jackie Chan?” said Mack Rawden in Cinema Blend. “Idiotically bloviating” at the Boao Forum in China recently, the action star said he wasn’t sure if freedom was best for the Chinese people. Nice, Jackie. As China stomps on journalists and "enemies of the state," feel free to "turn the other way."

“Chan is just saying what a lot of other rich Chinese feel,” said John Pomfret in The Washington Post. The elite are "increasingly free” in China, but they “rely on the instruments of state" to protect their advantages over the masses. Chan is probably glad “that Communism is dead, but he likes the fact that the Communist Party is safeguarding the interests of the well-heeled.”

Jackie Chan was just trying to “to curry favor with the Chinese government,” said Kate Ray in Shanghaiist. His recent movie Shinjuku Incident was “banned in China for being too violent,” so he was cut off from a huge market. But Chan’s tactic could backfire: “It’s the Chinese people” who watch his movies, and his “political misstatements” probably didn’t sit well with them.