“Prepare to be shocked,” said Jed Gottlieb in the Boston Herald. Most “supergroups are predictable," but not Tinted Windows: The new band features Taylor Hanson (yes, of “MMMBop” fame), ex-Smashing Pumpkin’s guitarist James Iha, Fountains of Wayne bassist Adam Schlesinger, and Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos—“strange bandfellows” indeed, but pretty interesting.

But like most other supergroups, said Denise Martin in the Los Angeles Times, Tinted Windows “is interested only in pleasing the power-pop-loving masses.” This may be exciting news for “Top 40 listeners,” but “everyone else” should be rolling their eyes at this new commercial concoction.

Tinted Windows is “something like an Asia for the Alternative Nation set,” said Decider New York. And although “the WTF? novelty of seeing these performers on one stage is the real draw,” the band does a good job of combining "vintage power-pop and The Knack," and its new single “Kind of a Girl” is pretty “infectious.”