“You needn't be a Zac Efron fan to enjoy the appealing 17 Again,” said Colin Covert in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, but if you are, even better. Playing a guy sent back in time 20 years to relive high school as his former self, Efron’s “comedy chops” are impressive, and his overall performance is surprising and charming. (watch the trailer for 17 Again)

“As a funny, sweet and smart star vehicle tailored for Zac ‘High School Musical’ Efron,” said Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel, 17 Again is “right on the money.” But as a sort of “remake of It's a Wonderful Life or Back to the Future,” the movie “falls a little short of the mark.”

That’s an understatement, said Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune. Not only does 17 Again make “high school seem only slightly less grim than Lord of the Flies,” the movie “tries to deal with teen sexuality and social pressures, but it's the same old song, sung out of key.”