It pays to lobby Washington
Lobbyists spend $3 billion a year in Washington, D.C., and they get their money’s worth. A University of Kansas study found that a single corporate tax break in 2004 enabled 800 companies to save a total of $100 billion. 
The Washington Post

The evolution of the tax code
When federal income tax was first established, in 1913, the tax code was 400 pages. Today the tax code is 70,320 pages.
USA Today

Bra makers see boom in demand for DD cups
Bra makers say there’s been a boom in demand for bras with DD cups. The popularity of larger cup sizes is being fueled by a combination of obesity, breast implants, and recommendations from bra experts that women will look better if they wear more snug band sizes like 32 and 34 with wider cups.
The New York Times

256 schools attacked in Afghanistan in 2008
The Taliban and other Afghan extremists attacked 256 schools in that country last year for the “crime” of teaching girls, killing 58 children and teachers.
The Boston Globe

U.S. averages 18 mass murders per year since 1976
Since 1976, there has been an average of 18 mass murders every year in the U.S. in which gunmen kill four or more people. Nearly 3,000 have died in those bloodbaths.
USA Today