Phil Spector is “likely to spend the rest of his natural life behind bars,” said Guy Adams in The Independent. The legendary record producer was found guilty on Monday of the 2003 shooting death of struggling actress Lana Clarkson at his Los Angeles mansion. (watch Phil Spector’s reaction to the jury’s verdict) Spector’s “abusive behavior toward women” and “fatal fascination with firearms” finally caught up with him.

A “parade of women” described how Spector could turn "from charm to menace," said Dan Glaister in the Guardian. And, contrary to defense claims, Lana Clarkson “had given no indication that she was suicidal.” But the most damning evidence may have been what Spector allegedly said to his chauffer on the night of Clarkson’s death: “I think I killed someone.”

This is the end of a sad and tragic tale, said Mick Brown in the Telegraph. “In his heyday in the early ’60s, Spector produced some of the most exuberant and uplifting recordings ever heard in pop music.” But the “teenage genius” who briefly became “the most successful producer in rock 'n' roll” was ultimately “overtaken by hubris and his own demons.”