“Could Simon Cowell be the next person to leave American Idol?” said Issie Lapowsky in the New York Daily News. If we’re to believe his recent interview with Britain’s The Mirror, it seems like the “notoriously critical judge of Fox's hit show” might soon be “dropping out to focus on other projects.” Apparently, Cowell may just have “too much on his plate” at the moment.

Yeah, “as if Fox would let its prize pony put itself out to pasture,” said Jarett Wieselman in the New York Post. Cowell is an “integral” part of American Idol’s success—and “he’s irreplaceable.” Most likely, this is just “a savvy negotiating tactic” on Cowell’s part.

But “considering how Idol execs seem to be frantically intent on retooling the show this year,” said Glenn Gamboa in Newsday, “maybe they're already planning for him to leave.” Despite all the speculation, it’s possible that Kara DioGuardi wasn’t brought on to eventually replace Paula Abdul after all—maybe she's Cowell's replacement.