“Amazon has a bit of a PR nightmare on its hands,” said Ron Nurwisah in Canada’s National Post. Over the weekend, author Mark Probst and other visitors hammered the online bookseller for removing books with gay and lesbian themes from its crucial sales rankings. The protests snowballed after Twitter users, in a flash flood of tweets tagged "#amazonfail," cried “homophobia.”

Amazon’s first explanation fell short, said Mitch Wagner in Information Week. The company said it had de-ranked the books in question because they had “adult” content, but “far raunchier and more pernicious heterosexual books were spared.” But now Amazon says the whole thing was caused by a “glitch” in its software, so give Amazon a chance to fix its system before accusing it of censorship.

This was no “glitch,” said Sarah Warn in After Ellen. Internet filters at schools, libraries, and “even whole countries routinely block gay and lesbian sites, even when they contain no ‘adult‘ content." And this will continue as long as our popular culture “relentlessly oversexualizes gay, lesbian, and bisexual people.”