Hannah Montana: The Movie is “a goofily endearing romp that might even lasso a few new fans,” said Lael Loewenstein in Variety. And this Miley Cyrus vehicle—part extended version of the teen pop sensation’s Disney TV show, part concert movie—“should score big with tween girls, as well as those parents seeking age-appropriate role models for their daughters.” (watch the trailer for Hannah Montana: The Movie)

Are you kidding? said Matt Pais in Metromix Chicago. This movie “doesn't teach youngsters a gosh darn thing about honesty or family, and it doesn't even give Hannah/Miley any identifiable characteristics for girls to admire.” Hannah Montana: The Movie “is nothing but an impersonal product manipulating kids who don't know better.”

Look, said Bill Goodykoontz in The Arizona Republic, “you don't eat a Twinkie to lose weight, and you don't see this film to challenge yourself emotionally or intellectually.” And sure, Hannah Montana: The Movie is “predictable,” at times “bizarre,” and the acting stinks, but Miley/Hannah certainly “commands the screen when she's singing.”