It’s Blitz finds the Yeah Yeah Yeahs forging ahead at full throttle, said Jim Farber in the New York Daily News. The Brooklyn, N.Y.–based band has built its primal, art-punk sound around Nick Zinner’s jagged riffs and Brian Chase’s bashing drums, but every act knows evolution is essential to survival. With “dragon queen” lead singer Karen O in full command, the band boldly shoves those staples aside in favor of a vintage Arp synthesizer and a glittery sound that’s part new wave, part neo-disco.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs took a risk, and it paid off, said Jim DeRogatis in the Chicago Sun-Times. One thing that hasn’t changed is Karen O’s wild, “frenetic” voice, which has always been the band’s most electric instrument. On “Heads Will Roll,” she frighteningly commands “Off with your head, dance ’til you’re dead” before softening to a “seductive coo” on “Runaway.” Listeners may be slaves to her emotional whims, but they are more a pleasure than a pain.