Live in London is an “older, wiser counterpart to The Essential Leonard Cohen,” said Jason Adams in Entertainment Weekly. The recorded legacy of the prolific 74-year-old speaks for itself, but this double disc, taped last summer at London’s O2 Arena, “is a reminder that Cohen is as gifted a performer as he is a songwriter.” Old age suits Cohen, who even before his hair went gray showed a wisdom beyond his years—not just through the abyssal depths of his bass but also through the profound, ruminative complexities of his songwriting.

On Live in London he comfortably plays the role of an “intelligent, sophisticated music elder statesman,” said Mike Ragogna in Huffingtonpost.com. “His voice like a bottomless pit,” Cohen adds emotional heft to every song, whether confronting “society’s ills” in “Anthem” or reminiscing about lost love in “So Long, Marianne.” Though the show was part of a sort of farewell tour, no one who listens to it will be ready to bid Cohen adieu.