Good week for:

Gay tourists, after recession-battered New York City launched an ad campaign aimed at convincing gays and lesbians that a visit to the city is the equivalent of a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. The new “Rainbow Pilgrimage” campaign, timed to the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village, describes a visit to the city as “a rite of passage.”

Futuristic rickshaws, after General Motors and Segway unveiled a new concept vehicle called PUMA, a two-wheel minicar that runs on lithium-ion batteries.

Storming the Bastille, after a poll found that 45 percent of the French thought it was perfectly acceptable for laid-off staff at three companies to hold top managers hostage—a practice known as “bossknapping.”

Bad week for:

Typos, after a photo caption in the Brigham Young University Daily Universe erroneously referred to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Mormon Church as “the Twelve Apostates.” All 18,000 copies of the newspaper were recalled and destroyed to avoid offending church officials.

Joy rides, after a 23-year-old California woman who had borrowed her boss’ Ferrari lost control of the car while speeding around a corner, flipping it upside down and causing $125,000 in damage. “She’s going to be paying that back for quite a long time,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Elizabeth Addy.