Eminem’s first video since 2005 debuted on MTV Tuesday morning, said Gil Kaufman in MTV.com, “and man, does he spray some serious lead.” In the video for “We Made You,” the first single from his upcoming album Relapse, the rapper “takes aim at some of our most famous—or is it infamous?—celebrities,” and he does so with his “legendarily nimble, witty wordplay.” (watch Eminem's "We Made You" video)

No celebrity is safe in Eminem’s new video, said Jason Gregory in Gigwise. He takes “well-oiled pops” at everyone from Kim Kardashian, Brett Michaels, and Amy Winehouse, to Lindsay Lohan, Sam Ronson, and Sarah Palin. And so far, we’ve only heard the “Clean” and “Super Clean” versions of “We Made You”—we can’t imagine “what the ‘Explicit’ album version will bring in June.”

Too bad “We Made You” is “thoroughly average,” said Perez Hilton.  Yes, the rapper “name-drops” a bunch of celebrities. But “instead of wasting so much time, energy, and words on celebs,” he should have “focused on writing dope rhymes.” We prefer Eminem “when he's deep and meaningful rather than stupid and comical, like in this song.”