“Demi Moore: movie star by day, lifesaving twittering hero by night,” said Breanne L. Heldman in E! The actress’ representatives confirmed Friday that Moore received a message on Twitter from a woman she didn't know who said she was preparing to commit suicide. Moore replied, “I hope you’re joking,” shared the message with her nearly 400,000 followers, and before long San Jose, Calif., police had found the woman and taken her to a hospital for observation.

Police said this was an unprecedented use of the micro-blogging network, said Emily Friedman and Sheila Marikar in ABC News, but Twitter could clearly become a useful tool as its popularity grows. In this case, people following Moore saw that the woman—identified as “sandieguy” on Twitter—lived in the Silicon Valley, so they called San Jose police. It just goes to show, you shouldn’t “discount the power of people who follow stars on Twitter.”

Calm down, said Drew Grant in Jossip. Nobody tried to commit suicide here, and, contrary to the breathless blogging out there, Moore didn’t save anybody’s life—she’s not even the one who notified police. But with all the press about the constant tweeting of Moore and her "man-child husband," Ashton Kutcher, "it was only a matter of time" before someone started sending them "insane Tweets."