Get ready to cringe, said the BuzzSugar entertainment blog. A trailer for "Bruno"—"Borat" creator Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie—is finally available online. (watch the "Bruno" trailer—but not at work) The trailer "is by turns silly, uncomfortable, ridiculous, and downright horrifying"—industry officials have preliminarily rated "Bruno" NC-17. Bottom line: "You gotta see it."

If you choose to watch, said Erik Davis in Cinematical, "prepare to divert your eyes." Sacha Baron Cohen has "upped the ante considerably" since introducing "Borat" in 2006. The first trailer for "Bruno"—about a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter—is "just nasty," but in a way that will have folks "rolling in the aisles of their local movie theater come July 10."

Until then, Baron Cohen fans can "sleep easy," said David Jenkins in Time Out London. "Bruno" has the "nudity, bigotry, pratfalls," and confrontations with real-life Southern good ol' boys that everyone who saw "Borat" will expect. The question is whether Baron Cohen will move on now that he has milked his big three characters—Borat, Ali G, and Bruno—or "head down to the basement to concoct another foul creation with which to take the mickey out of more gullible rubes."