Seth Rogen has made the world safe for dweebs, says Eric Spitznagel in Playboy. With his frizzy hair, horn-rimmed glasses, and chubby frame, the 26-year-old leading man in Knocked Up and Zack and Miri Make a Porno isn’t exactly a matinee idol.

And yet, he says, he’s spawned a host of imitators. “I have seen more guys lately who kind of look like me. I see commercials every once in a while and think, That dude wouldn’t be on TV if it weren’t for Knocked Up. They probably traded in their glasses for a slightly thicker frame, let their hair grow out just a bit, and let their stubble come in. I created a new look for rotund Jews. It’s an easily attainable look.”

Oddly enough, it’s also one that many young women find irresistible. “Before I was in movies, I dated women who were far more attractive than I had any right to be dating. Sometimes it just comes down to your personality. Saying otherwise is demeaning to women. If a woman is attractive, that means she’s automatically an idiot and superficial?” In that respect, Rogen likens himself to Woody Allen, who was able to woo such beauties as Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow. “He created a look for small, nebbishy Jews, and I’m doing the same thing for chubby Jewish guys.”