It's hard to understand the fuss over Madonna's attempt to adopt a second child from Malawi, said Gail Walker in the Belfast Telegraph. "Fair enough, she's a global megastar," and recently divorced from filmmaker Guy Ritchie. But Madonna isn't trying to "rent a random refugee"—the singer is offering Mercy James, a 4-year-old orphan, a place in a stable, comfortable home.

Sure, you could argue that Madonna is helping a kid out of poverty, said Suzanne Condie Lambert in The Arizona Republic. But red flags go up when well-intentioned celebrities barge into poor countries and demand children. And this time Madonna has hit a particularly troubling snag—the girl's grandmother wants to keep her, and accuses Madonna of "stealing" her little girl.

Adoption of babies from foreign countries makes me uneasy, said Jennifer Howze in Britain's The Times. "Naturally it is a Good Thing to give a child an opportunity of a life away from poverty." But it's hard to understand why we don't focus on making it easier to adopt "underprivileged and needy children within our own culture."