"There's one great icon of classic film that I. Just. Don't. Get," said Laurie Boeder in About.com. The Three Stooges. "So I'll leave it to Stooges fans to explain the uproar over the somewhat odd, but very big-name casting" of Benicio del Toro (as Moe Howard), Jim Carrey (as Curly Howard), and Sean Penn (as Larry Fine) in the Farrelly brothers' revival of 'The Three Stooges.' This is either a formula for disaster, or "loopy Farrelly goodness."

There’s “something of a “musty feel” in casting such big-name veterans, said Patrick Goldstein in the Los Angeles Times. The Stooges displayed an “almost juvenile energy” in their “prime,” so a “younger ensemble of comics” might get more yuks. “For my money, isn't Jonah Hill born to play Curly? Couldn't Seth Rogen do a great Larry?" And forget Del Toro—Robert Downey Jr. would make a better Moe.

Come on, said Monica Herrera in Latina, del Toro has already proven himself in many eccentric roles, and playing "the trio's bowl-cut ringleader," Moe, would be his most bizarre challenge yet. And with Sean Penn and Jim Carrey on screen at the same time—what a thing to watch! "If this happens, it will go down as the most ingenious casting of a film ever. Possibly even better than Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man."