I Love You, Man
Directed by John Hamburg


The search for a best man leads to a beautiful friendship.

I Love You, Man is a “bromance that’s out and proud,” said Ty Burr in The Boston Globe. In the past few years, buddy comedies have
nervously danced around the taboo love of “one straight guy for another.” Paul Rudd and Jason Segel fearlessly confront the intricacies of male friendship in this hilarious comedy. Rudd plays a slightly effeminate man about to get married; needing a best man, he realizes he has no male friends. That’s when Segel walks into his life, and the two bond over a mutual love for the band Rush. I Love You, Man doesn’t just acknowledge male friendships, but “exalts” in their awkwardness, said Stephanie Zacharek in Salon.com. Director and co-writer John Hamburg “focuses on the unspoken codes of male friendship that few people think about.” Grasping guy-speak and perfecting the fist bump turn out to be surprisingly tough, said Christy Lemire in the Associated Press. But I Love You, Man isn’t afraid to show its “sensitive side,” and that makes Rudd and Segel’s friendship an affair to remember.