(Summit, $32.99)
“Tweens of the world, rejoice,” said the New York Daily News. The two-disc special edition of Twilight, the first installment of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire romance series, is packed with extras, from extended scenes to music videos, to give girls even more of that brooding bad boy, Robert Pattinson.

The Robe
(20th Century Fox, $19.98)
When The Robe was released, in 1953, it became a “critical success and a box office sensation,” said the Chicago Tribune. The biblical drama, which chronicled the “aftermath of Jesus’ crucifixion from the Romans’ point of view,” was the first film to be released in the widescreen process of CinemaScope.

The Last Metro
(Criterion, $39.95)
The Last Metro is one of Francois Truffaut’s “most acclaimed films,” said the Macon, Ga., Telegraph. Set during the German occupation of Paris, this award-winning film stars Heinz Bennent and Catherine Deneuve as a Jewish theater director and his Gentile wife who struggle to hide from the Nazis.