DreamWorks' new movie Monsters vs. Aliens, said Alonso Duralde in MSNBC.com, combines “creepy-crawly creatures with exhilarating action, eye-popping animation,” and “a seemingly inexhaustible supply of sharp, smart laughs—it’s a treat for all ages.” (watch the trailer) And any similarities to classic horror films like Attack of the 50 Foot Woman or The Fly are “purely intentional.”

There’s also a lot of “very silly stuff” in this movie, said Sean Burns in the Philadelphia Weekly. “But there’s a pleasingly retro vibe to Monsters vs. Aliens that’s quite in keeping with its 1950s B-movie title.” It’s “not great, but it’s not bad—and it’s the first flick I’ve seen from these people that won’t seem dated by the time it hits home video.”

“But like so many animated projects welded in the DreamWorks Factory,” said Lisa Schwarzbaum in Entertainment Weekly, Monsters vs. Aliens “works hard—desperately hard—to be all things to all audience segments.” In the end, “the visible effort erodes the sense of gaiety” and “unfettered fun.”