“Global climate-change celebrity” and Nobel Peace Prize–winner Al Gore is releasing his new book Our Choice, said Tom LoBianco in The Washington Times, a follow-up to his bestselling book-turned-
documentary An Inconvenient Truth. It seems likely that Our Choice, due out in November, will have quite an impact, too, as Gore has “the ear of the Obama White House.”

It’s nice to see that Al Gore “has found a few extra minutes” to write the sequel to his “fear-mongering look inside his faux-eco-religion,” said J. Doug Gill in the Examiner. Yet, somehow he “can’t find time to debate his critics, park his fleet of SUVs, or sufficiently explain why last year his Tennessee home guzzled enough energy to power more than 200 average American dwellings.”

Actually, a better question might be how this new book could be any different from the last one, said Chris Good in The Atlantic. “After all, one can only point out the need for action on climate change in so many ways.” On the other hand, “it's the duty of any activist to continue calling attention to one's issue until that issue is solved”—and the issue of climate change clearly isn’t.