Good news for fans of the 1980s band Spandau Ballet—you now have a reason to wear your “white frilly shirts once again,” said Veronica Schmidt in the Times Online. The “New Romantic chart-toppers,” best known for their hit songs "True" (watch the video) and "Gold" (watch the video), “are expected to announce their re-formation aboard the HMS Belfast in London on Wednesday.”

This news is a bit surprising, said Simon Cable in the Daily Mail, as the band hasn’t “shared a stage together for more than 20 years, following one of the most bitter feuds in pop history.” But it appears that for Spandau Ballet, “time and the prospect of a very large pay packet is clearly a good healer.”

Actually, the timing of the band’s reunion is “particularly salient” for other reasons, said Mark Hughes in The Independent. Back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, Spandau Ballet was a pioneer of New Romanticism, “a movement that protested against the gray, drab fashion of the period, which was itself indicative of the low spirits caused by the recession of those times.” Sound familiar?