Here’s some “very exciting news,” said Geeks of Doom. Joel and Ethan Coen are remaking the 1969 Western True Grit (watch a clip), which starred John Wayne in an Oscar-winning role as a drunk marshal named Rooster Cogburn who’s hired by a young girl to find her father’s killer. We can’t wait for the remake—“let’s hope this is on a Coen Bros. fast track!”

Considering the film’s “particular way with flinty Western vernacular—from the Charles Portis novel—maybe it is Coens-friendly,” said Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel. But who on earth could possibly play Rooster Cogburn? Clint Eastwood “would have been perfect 10 years ago,” and Woody Harrelson could probably pull it off in five years, but right now, “I'm drawing a 60ish eligible actors blank.”

Finding someone to fill John Wayne’s boots should be the least of the Coen brothers’ concerns, said Chris Hewitt in Empire Online. Although they have achieved a lot in “their fabulously successful career,” the Coen brothers have yet to produce “a cracking remake of a classic film”—and “anyone who saw their ill-advised version of The Ladykillers” (watch the trailer) is well aware of this fact.