Tony Gilroy’s new corporate espionage thriller Duplicity, starring Clive Owen and Julia Roberts, said Kirk Honeycutt in The Hollywood Reporter, is a “fun” movie “with plenty of intrigue and suspense that will have audiences clutching at their arm rests.” And Duplicity “enjoys superb production values that add to the exhilaration of the film's rush.” (Watch the trailer)

“But shouldn't even a film constructed around a labyrinthine espionage plot have to make actual narrative sense?” asked Dana Stevens in Slate. Duplicity offers “so many leaps back and forth in time,” not to mention “twists and countertwists and double fake-outs, that we keep losing track of who (including ourselves) is supposed to know what when.”

Duplicity contains “complete about-faces at several points,” said Josh Bell in the Las Vegas Weekly, but “Gilroy does a decent job of keeping the balls in the air.” The trouble is, he “never makes a convincing case that all the back-stabbing and double-agenting really counts for anything.”