(Universal, $29.98)
Milk “pays eloquent tribute to a man whose life should be an inspiration to many,” said the Chicago Daily Herald. Sean Penn’s Oscar-winning performance as the openly gay politician celebrates his achievements instead of mourning his tragic death.

(Kino, $29.95)
“You’ll be knocked out cold” by F.W. Murnau’s Faust, said Entertainment Weekly. A visionary film of the silent era, the German director’s “morally thunderous” adaptation of Goethe’s tragic play dazzles with its “indelible images, haunting use of shadows, and trippy, dream-like expressionist sets.”

(Disney, $29.99)
Seventy years after its release, Pinocchio retains a “dark, moralistic” tone that makes today’s kids’ films seem tame, said the Chicago Tribune. Yet Walt Disney ingeniously “softened the story’s hard edges with comic relief and sentimental songs.” This DVD includes interviews and interactive games.