The Edge of Love
Directed by John Maybury
(Not Rated)


The life and times of Dylan Thomas and his wife, Caitlin

The Edge of Love plays out like a “glum soap opera, too glam to be bleak and too bleak to be so glam,” said Kenneth Turan in the Los Angeles Times. The film follows the co-dependent relationships among Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (Matthew Rhys); his wife, Caitlin (Sienna Miller); his childhood friend (Keira Knightley); and her eventual husband (Cillian Murphy). Inspired by true events, the film has the stars—and sexual undertones—to become a lustful period drama. But these bright young things seem “irritating, not enthralling.” Director John Maybury takes rich material and smothers it in “hyperstylized visuals and corny, old-fashioned melodrama,” said Christy Lemire in the Associated Press. Early on, Maybury dwells too much on his leading ladies, seemingly unable to take the camera off “Knightley’s piercing cheekbones.” Struggling to find a tone, he soon resorts to pumping up the drama. The Edge of Love is “overheated” but still pretty enjoyable, said Andrew O’Hehir in While some parts may be “highly artificial,” the romantic foursome is seductive enough to keep audiences intrigued.