“Ron Silver had many different faces,” said Gil Kaufman in MTV.com. The Tony Award–winning actor—who died Sunday at 62—played roles as different as Muhammad Ali’s cornerman, the legendary lawyer Alan Dershowitz, and Holocaust survivor Herman Broder. But Silver also founded the Creative Coalition in 1989, and will be remembered as much for his political activism as for his acting.

Ron Silver’s activism took on renewed vigor after 9/11, said mystery writer Roger L. Simon in Pajamas Media. The terrorist attacks put him on a rightward course that led to a stirring speech at the 2004 Republican convention. With characteristic courage, Silver fought terminal stomach cancer for more than two years “as if it were some minor skirmish interrupting his otherwise important dedication to the future of this country.”

“I never got caught up” in Ron Silver’s politics, said actor and comedian Ben Stiller in The Huffington Post. “I just always loved him as a person and a talent. I know he struggled over the last couple of years, and I can only believe he is in a better place now. He will truly be missed.”