Janitorial job brings in 700 applications
With unemployment soaring, nearly 700 job seekers have applied for a single janitorial job at a junior high school in Massillon, Ohio. The position pays about $15 an hour, plus benefits.
Associated Press

Daylight savings increases incidence of heart attacks
The incidence of heart attack rises 5 percent during the first week of daylight saving time. Some experts suspect that losing an hour’s sleep may make people more susceptible to an attack. Heart attacks decline slightly when daylight saving time ends, in the fall.
US News & World Report

Average hours of sleep falls
Americans are getting an average of 6.7 hours of sleep on weekdays, down from seven hours in 2001.

1000 anthrax hoaxes since 2001

Since 2001, the FBI has investigated more than 1,000 anthrax hoaxes in which a white powder was mailed to public officials, news organizations, and other targets, including all 50 governors’ offices, 52 banks, Disneyland, Mormon temples, town halls, and a funeral home.
Los Angeles Times

A stack of $1000 bills 67.9 miles high
If counted out in $1,000 bills, a million dollars would be a stack 4 inches high. To reach a billion dollars, that same stack of $1,000 bills would have to be 358 feet tall. To reach a trillion dollars, the stack would stand 67.9 miles high.
The Washington Post