Comedian Stephen Colbert “is trying to increase his star power in a different way,” said Variety. The host of The Colbert Report is urging his fans to write in his name in an online poll to name a new room in the International Space Station. (Watch Colbert discussing it) “NASA has offered voters the choice of Earthrise, Legacy, Serenity, and Venture”—but will they end up choosing “Colbert”?

“The count by mid-Tuesday had votes for the comedian just shy of 115,000,” said Seth Borenstein in the Associated Press, “and Serenity trailing at 98,641.” And let’s not forget that Colbert has “already managed to get his name attached to an ice cream flavor, a Hungarian bridge, and an eagle, to name a few.”

Colbert sure does have “a remarkable ability to create controversy,” said Brad Trechak in TV Squad, but it’s almost always good-natured, and “everyone gets the joke.” This gag, unfortunately, will probably “lead to nothing since the small print of NASA's website says that they have the right to overturn the voting results.” Still, “we can dream.”