“For once,” said The Vancouver Sun, “Radiohead's notorious standoffishness has been used for good.” During a radio interview on the Johnjay and Rich Show Tuesday (listen to the interview), pop starlet Miley Cyrus complained that Radiohead refused to meet her backstage at the recent Grammy Awards, and vowed to “ruin them.” Radiohead has just won our “deep admiration.”

“Oh snap!” said Evan Schlansky in American Songwriter. But seriously, Cyrus “was probably joking” when she promised vengeance on Radiohead—it’s likely that her feelings were just hurt. Still, “look for a billion teenage girls to burn copies of Kid A in mass protests across America.”

But “Cyrus said she was so hurt,” said Daniel Kreps in Rolling Stone, that she didn’t even watch Radiohead's Grammy performance. She should take comfort in the fact that Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke is “notoriously shy” and his band was preparing “to perform at their very first American awards show. Plus, Yorke had already snubbed Kanye West," so at least Miley's in good company.