"Just like the rest of America," said the parenting blog Mom Logic, "our jaws dropped" when we watched "The Bachelor" finale as Jason Mesnick ditch the woman he proposed to first -- Melissa Rycroft -- to try rekindling romance with No. 2 bachelorette Molly Malaney. "As moms, we had a lot of questions" for the single dad, but he says the decision tore him up, and he sounds "sincere," so maybe he's not such a bad guy after all.

But for those of us who started this week as fans of Mesnick, said Taryn Ryder in E! Online, the question remains: How could someone we liked push forward the frontier of "supreme douchebagginess" by dumping one fiancee for another on live TV? One of Mesnick's friends says he might have treated these women so shabbily because a recent girlfriend screwed him up by cheating and humiliating him -- but it's hard to buy that as an adequate excuse.

"Mesnick knows he's being seen as a jerk," said the Kansas City Star. The surprise ending sent the reality show's ratings through the roof, but it did made Mesnick the most despised man in America. But he seems happy -- because after jumping from reality TV to reality, he gets to focus on making his new relationship with Malaney work.