“The erstwhile King of Pop is aiming to reclaim his throne,” said Josh Grossberg in E! Online. Michael Jackson announced on Thursday that he will play 10 concerts this summer at London’s O2 Arena—his first major performances in over a decade, and his last ever in London. (Watch Jackson’s announcement) The “Gloved One” could reportedly rake in “close to $1 million a show,” which “could go a long way toward easing” his financial troubles.

This is “a gamble for Jackson,” said Terry Kirby in the London Evening Standard. Let’s not forget that he was tried "on child abuse charges” four years ago, and his “admitted behavior with young boys left many people feeling queasy.” He may still have “a hard core of obsessive fans,” but “they will still not be sufficient to sell out the O2” shows.

But we’re talking about “one of the largest pop stars in the world, at the most popular arena in the world,” said Rosie Swash in the Guardian. “How can it not be the biggest event of the year?” Jackson’s London shows will definitely sell out. “Whether it's with the hope of hearing a decent rendition of ‘Billie Jean’ or watching a multimillion" dollar "car crash, people will watch.”