“Rihanna defied logic over the weekend by reuniting with" Chris Brown, who allegedly battered his pop star girlfriend just three weeks ago, said Liz Kelly in The Washington Post. Apparently, the celebrity couple has been spending time together at Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Star Island mansion in Florida. “I cringe to think of the mixed message it could be sending to other young people in similar circumstances.” (Click here to watch Rihanna and Brown performing together in 2008)

Not only that, said Daniel Kreps in Rolling Stone, but Brown may have ulterior motives here. “A reconciliation with Rihanna is perhaps the only way the 19-year-old R&B star can save his career.” Still, Brown isn’t legally “out of the woods yet,” although “it would be difficult for prosecutors to secure a conviction without Rihanna’s testimony.”

Well, not everyone is dismayed by the news that Rihanna is trying to work things out with her alleged abuser, said MSNBC.com. “Learning that his daughter and Chris Brown have reconciled, Rihanna's father says he supports the singer in her decisions,” emphasizing that “‘she’s a smart girl.’” However, he had no comment regarding Brown.