“There’s a good deal of worrying going on behind the scenes of Britney Spears’ comeback tour,” said Courtney Hazlett in MSNBC.com. But “the worry isn't centered around whether Spears will show and perform well, it’s that there won’t be many people in the audience to witness it.” Supposedly, there’s “still plenty of tickets left” for the first show of Britney’s Circus tour, which kicks off Tuesday in New Orleans.

“Talk of empty seats has not deterred Britney,” said Metro UK, who is determined to put on an absolute "show-stopper with a circus-themed performance.” And a spokesperson for Spears’ label swears that the entire tour is in fact sold out. Either way, we can’t wait to witness Britney’s “spell-binding” onstage “antics.” (Click here to watch Spears performing "Womanizer" on Good Morning America)

Still, there is some cause for concern, said Joey Bartolomeo in People. “After more than two years of personal drama, the tour will either make or break the professional comeback she began last fall.” But “dancing and singing is what helped the singer get her life back on track,” so maybe hitting the road is the best thing for her.