The International
Directed by Tom Twyker


Two people try to bring down a corrupt international bank.

The globe-hopping Euro-thriller The International “exists largely for its set pieces,” said Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune. Director Tom Twyker takes audiences on a frenetic ride around the world, jetting from Berlin to Milan to New York, where he stages a “flamboyant” shootout in the Guggenheim museum. But this tale of corporate immorality is “all over the place” in more ways than one. Fortuitously timed to capitalize on anger with Wall Street, The International “strives” to seem sophisticated, said Mick LaSalle in the San Francisco Chronicle. Clive Owen’s Interpol agent teams with a district attorney, played by Naomi Watts, to take down a corrupt international bank that is shown to have a hand in all sorts of nefariousness. But while the “story and situation are complex,” the characters are not. The dialogue in this “remarkably dull” film is nothing more than a “procession of eyeball-glazing, head-scratching speeches and aphorisms,” said Lou Lumenick in the New York Post. Ten years ago, Twyker “reinvented the Euro-thriller with Run Lola Run.” Looks like it needs to be reinvented all over again.