Steppenwolf Theatre, (312) 335-1650
Yasmina Reza’s comedy about a doctor’s purchase of an all-white painting by a hot artist is smart, droll, and savvy, said the Chicago Tribune. Still, there’s a “sudden datedness” attached to a play that probes “the urge to buy as a poetic impulse.”

New York
This Beautiful City
Vineyard Theatre, (212) 353-0303
This “lively docudrama examines America’s homegrown evangelical movement,” said the Associated Press. The Civilians troupe draws on real-life interviews and “doesn’t sensationalize,” even when dealing with touchy subjects like the sordid scandals of former New Life Church leader Ted Haggard.

Washington, D.C.
The Accident
Goldman Theater, (800) 494-8497
Hillel Mittelpunkt’s “quietly haunting” play tells the story of three well-to-do Tel Aviv intellectuals whose car accidentally strikes a Chinese man, said The Washington Post. The actors’ taut, intelligent performances “have the audience leaning forward almost all night.”