Larry Poons
Danese Gallery, New York

Larry Poons’ career has run against the tide of the art world. The austere, polka-dotted paintings that launched his career in the early 1960s made him seem an avatar of op art. In truth, he was more of an old-fashioned abstract expressionist, born a generation too late but dedicated to the movement’s ideals of improvisation and painterly technique. Unlike contemporaries who became preoccupied with theory, Poons grew more dedicated to paint. The 71-year-old’s most recent works couldn’t be further from conceptual art. Mottled, layered swirls of acrylic, these lush abstract landscapes are driven not by ideas but color, paint, and texture.

535 W. 24th St., (212) 223-2227
Through March 14. Prices: $120,000