The affluence of Indian-Americans
Among the nation’s 38.1 million foreign-born citizens, the 1.5 million Indian-Americans are the most affluent and educated, a new U.S. Census Bureau report found. The median household income for Indian-Americans is $91,195, compared with $46,881 for the foreign-born population overall and $51,249 for the native-born.

Women bank robbers

More women are robbing banks. Last year, 6.2 percent of all bank heists in the U.S. were committed by women—a 25 percent increase from 2002. “Here’s a crime that you can commit easily,” says crime historian Robert McCrie. “It’s an equal-opportunity crime.”

Sales of Girl Scout cookies drop
Proving that nothing is immune to the economic downturn, sales of Girl Scout cookies are down 20 percent this year. “If a customer was purchasing six to eight boxes,” said Marianne Love, the group’s director of business services, “now they’re purchasing three to four.”
USA Today

Teens prefer text messaging
Teens with cell phones average 2,272 text messages a month, compared with 203 phone calls, according to the Nielsen Co. Nationally, more than 75 billion text messages are sent a month.
The Washington Post

Boom times for evangelical churches
Bad times are boom times for evangelical churches. Congregation growth at evangelical churches jumped 50 percent during each recession between 1968 and 2004, according to a new Texas State University study.
Foreign Policy