Bono thinks of himself as a regular guy, says Tom Doyle in Q. On the one hand, the U2 star knows he’s one of the most famous people on the planet, and he’s not complaining. “I own up to being a spoiled-rotten rock star. I live in a nice house and have got a special place down in France. It would be really wrong for me to try to pretend to be something that I’m not.”

At the same time, he says he does his best to live as “normal” a life as possible. For instance, unlike many rock stars and other celebrities, Bono likes to travel light. “You know, you’re supposed to join a rock band to get an entourage and six or seven security people. But I don’t travel with security,” he says.

As a leading activist in the global fight against poverty and hunger, he is also mindful about not appearing ostentatious. “It’s not in anyone’s face. There’s no bling.” And 26 years into his marriage to activist Alison Hewson, the 48-year-old father of four says he’s quite content to live a domesticated life. “I like to hang out with my kids, and I still find Ali as beguiling as I always did. They’re the reason I find myself more at home.”