“I am so glad Jessica Biel made this so easy for me,” said Red Carpet Fashion Awards. The white Prada duchesse satin gown the actress wore to the Oscars was “so incredibly plain and boring,” and the way it ballooned out looked ridiculous. Biel’s disastrous get-up put her squarely on top of the worst dressed list.

Perhaps you missed Sophia Loren’s “cringe-worthy” appearance on the red carpet, said Sylvia Rubin in the San Francisco Chronicle. The aging screen siren “got it so wrong in so many ways,” from the “bad bridesmaid's pale yellow chiffon gown with unfortunate ruffly cap sleeves” to the “orange makeup that stopped at the neck.” (click here to view) She clearly ranked as “the big No! of the night.”

You’re both wrong, said Khalida Cook in MLive.com. The list of contenders for the worst dressed honors was short, and Beyonce’s gown, which was like “a piece of carpet,” deserved a spot high up. But Goldie Hawn’s dress looked like it was falling off, so she’s No. 1. “Sorry, Goldie.”