If there was an Academy Award handed out for Best Presenter of an Academy Award, said Celebuzz, “Ben Stiller would have carried it home" with his hilarious, "spot-on" imitation of "Joaquin Phoenix's disastrous talk-show appearance.” (Click here to watch Stiller at the Oscars) Stiller “immediately brought the house down when he appeared onstage sporting Phoenix's now-famous ZZ Top beard.” (Click here to watch Phoenix on Letterman)

But what about Steve Martin and Tina Fey presenting the Best Original Screenplay award? said Allison Ford in the Examiner. There they were, “blatantly skewering Scientology in the most oblique crazy-religion reference ever—bravo”! That moment was definitely “TiVo-worthy”—and “worth rewinding” a few times (click here to watch).

But “the pre-filmed segments of the Oscars are usually far funnier than anything performed live,” said Kat Angus in the Montreal Gazette, “and this year was no different.” Seth Rogen and James Franco were hilarious as their stoner characters from Pineapple Express, seated together on a couch laughing inappropriately at serious movies like The Reader and Doubt (click here to watch the skit). And Oscar-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski joining the duo on the couch was the icing on the cake.