Lindsay Lohan’s “suddenly skeletal appearance” has even been turning heads at New York Fashion Week, said Hollie McKay in The “hard-partying” starlet is reportedly barely sleeping, and “surviving” off of Red Bull, coffee, and cigarettes. All of that, “combined with the stress of her rocky relationship” with DJ Samantha Ronson, “is clearly taking its toll in a dangerous way.”

Lohan “has battled with her weight in the past,” said Welt Online, but it’s not surprising that her recent “transformation from healthy and curvy to gaunt and shapeless has people making their own speculations.” But whether it’s “stress, substance abuse, or an eating disorder,” we just hope that Lindsay makes “some big changes to her lifestyle and work schedule.”

Lohan insists that her weight loss is not intentional, said Hollyscoop, and that it’s just a result of her hectic lifestyle. And although “we miss the curvaceous Lohan” as much as anyone else, as long as she is healthy and drug-free, “that's really all that matters.”