The Western tradition of Valentine’s Day is celebrated as “the global holiday of love,” said Egyptian Muslim cleric Hazem Shuman on Al-Rahma TV (via MEMRI), but it’s really a virus, "more dangerous than Ebola, which dissolves the human body, more dangerous than cholera,” or even AIDS. The “Valentine virus” turns everything red, and makes all red things more expensive—teddy bears, candles, pens—except one thing: “the blood of Muslims.” The more that Muslims celebrate Valentine’s Day, the more that Western “Jews and the Christians gloat at us.” If “Muhammad the Muslim” and “George the Christian” are both throwing parties, both buying their wives dresses, both seating their wives “on the stage for all the people to see,” and both having mixed sexes dancing to a mixed-sex band, how can you tell the difference between Muhammad’s party and George’s party? You can’t, and that makes “tears flow from the Prophet’s eyes.” Valentine’s Day is attacking the heart of the world’s youth. “We must confront this Valentine virus!”