“As if we need another reason to hate banks right now,” said Matt Pais in Metromix Chicago. In The International (click here for the trailer), Clive Owen and Naomi Watts are teamed up against bankers that are involved in organized crime. But the villains here are completely “generic,” and the movie is filled with “dialogue that belongs in a fortune cookie.” Skip it.

Don’t, said Associated Press writer Christy Lemire in FoxNews.com. “The International is equal parts globe-trotting thriller and architecture porn, as perfectly crystallized by its mind-blowing central set piece—a seemingly endless shootout at the Guggenheim Museum.” And the movie contains “unexpected substance to go along with its style.”

There are some “mildly interesting” aspects of The International, said Gary Thompson in the Philadelphia Daily News, such as “the movie's theory of insidious capitalism.” But it’s too bad that the film contains “no interesting relationships to make it meaningful.”